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Enrolment Policy


Majella Catholic Primary School exists to further the mission of the Catholic Church in Western Australia. The Mandate of the Bishops of Western Australia requires that a Catholic school education be made available to all Catholic school aged children, as far as resources allow.



The enrolment policy at Majella Catholic Primary School provides for the following enrolment priority:

Aboriginal students shall be given enrolment preference wherever possible and practicable.

Enrolment to Majella Catholic Primary School shall comply with the requirements of the Western Australian School Education Act 1999 for education as well as the Disability Standards in Education 2005.

Parents or guardians seeking enrolment for their children at Majella Catholic Primary School must complete the school’s ‘Application for Enrolment’ form (prior to interview) and ‘Enrolment’ form (post interview) and provide all requested documentation.

Enrolment may take place at any year level, K–6. A parent of a Kindergarten student may, in consultation with the principal, defer the taking up of an offer of enrolment until the commencement of Pre-primary.

Before an offer of a place is made, prospective students and their parent(s) or guardian(s) shall be interviewed by the principal or a member of the School Leadership Team.

Prospective parents and guardians shall be informed of Majella Catholic Primary School’s schedule of fees and payment policy at the time of interview.

Following the acceptance of an interview, the principal shall ascertain if the student has any special educational, medical, social or emotional needs which will require differential resourcing if schooling is to achieve educational outcomes appropriate to the student’s learning needs.

Before enrolment is confirmed, all custodial parents or guardians shall sign a declaration that, to the best of their knowledge, they have:

Where a parent or guardian has knowingly withheld material or information relevant to the application/enrolment process, then the principal reserves the right to refuse or terminate enrolment on that ground.


¹Bishops Mandate for the Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia 2009 – 2015.

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