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ANZAC Day is a significant day in Australia and New Zealand that commemorates the brave soldiers who fought and served in the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) during World War I. It is a day to honor the sacrifice, bravery, and resilience of these soldiers, as well as all those who have served in wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping missions.

ANZAC Day has developed as a day when we remember and honor the soldiers who protected our countries in all wars. These soldiers fought with great bravery and faced many challenges to keep us safe. We celebrate this day to show our respect and gratitude to them and to all the other soldiers who have protected our countries.

At school, we celebrated ANZAC Day with a simple and moving liturgy. This liturgy allowed us to come together as a school community and pay tribute to the soldiers who served our countries. It helped us understand the significance of ANZAC Day and inspired us to cherish the values of bravery, sacrifice, and peace in our own lives.  We were especially fortunate that the weather was fine and we were able to commemorate ANZAC Day in our beautiful new garden space.

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