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At Majella we prepare students to learn confidently for the rest of their lives, to take joy and pride in their achievements and to participate fully in a diverse and changing world.

Teaching and learning are informed by contemporary educational theory and a practice of continuous improvement and all students are challenged in an age-appropriate manner to think deeply and express themselves creatively.

We believe that our academic curriculum is an expression of our mission – which is to encourage a love of learning and a commitment to excellence and to foster self-confidence and social responsibility in our students.

Student Wellbeing

We are a community that cares deeply about its students. We strive to make every individual feel welcome, supported and safe and our commitment to our students extends well beyond the limits of the classroom. We know that home, school and community collaboration is the key to achieving student success.

We employ a qualified social worker who works with students and families to ensure the best social, emotional and academic outcomes for all our community members. Additionally, we employ a Student Welfare Worker who also works with students and families. This position is funded under the ‘National School Chaplaincy and Welfare Program’.

Majella also offers a wide range of health and wellbeing programs and supports for our students including the Keeping Students Safe Curriculum, the Rainbows program for children experiencing grief or loss and a Social Skills program.

Religious Education

At Majella, Religious Education is considered to be the first Learning Area and conversations about our Catholic faith permeate all aspects of the school’s life and curriculum.

A structured and sequential Religious Education program ensures that students know the core teachings of our faith and how these are to be lived in the world. Our teachers use the most effective pedagogical methods to teach Religious Education, however we believe that the study of this subject involves far more than the imparting of knowledge. Our most meaningful contribution towards the Catholic education of our students is through the culture and climate of school life and through the way that we are transparent witnesses to Christ and the Gospel values.

As well as classroom-based learning, students participate in meaningful prayer and liturgy, Sacramental programs and Christian service.

Early Childhood Education

We are well aware of the vital importance of the early years in a child’s developmental trajectory. Our Early Childhood Education program draws upon contemporary research and best practice in enhancing educational, social and emotional outcomes for young children.

Information & Communication Technology

At Majella we recognise that globalisation and rapid technological change mean that our students need to be highly skilled in the use of information and communication technology (ICT). The school has a state-of-the-art computer laboratory and each classroom is equipped with an interactive whiteboard and computers. All students receive specialist ICT instruction and apply technology broadly throughout their academic and extracurricular activities.

The Arts

Creativity and self-expression are integral parts of life at Majella and we offer students a rich variety of artistic experiences. We have a specialist Arts teacher who guides children through an exciting program that balances the development of technical skills with the freedom to explore, create and develop a love for and appreciation of the arts.

Throughout the year students are encouraged to participate in dance, drama and musical performances for concerts, assemblies, special events and liturgical services. Majella also participates in the statewide Performing Arts Festival for Catholic Schools.

Physical Education

We believe that young people must be physically active and acquire and develop a range of motor skills to ensure healthy lives. All students take part in a physical education program that emphasises teamwork, sportsmanship and individual growth. Majella offers a range of sporting events and carnivals and students also represent the school in inter-school competitions. We also offer the Active After-school Communities sport program as part of our commitment to healthy living and whole body wellness.

Other Programs

A wide range of other programs are offered to enhance student learning. These include Reading Recovery, Books in Homes, EMU (Extending Mathematical Understanding), Learning Support and Learning Enrichment (literacy extension).

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